A Sought-After Speaker                                                                                                         “Nancy’s dynamic manner and her practical, eclectic knowledge base consistently “wows” audiences. Nancy has a way of making complex ideas in language and literacy easily comprehensible. Her passion and real-life experiences with children make her presentations come alive. Her unique combination of knowledge and skills in both Speech and Language, and Reading, and her warm, enthusiastic manner make Nancy a sought-after speaker.”
-Sally C. Grimes, Ed. M., Founding Director – Grimes Reading Institute

One of Our Best Speakers Ever                                                                                 “Nancy Telian’s presentations are highly informative, motivating, and therapy-ready to use. As an attendee and vice president of convention for the Florida Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists (FLASHA), I found that Nancy is a dynamic speaker who provides her audience with evidence-based strategies that address Response to Intervention and other reading concerns. She is highly personable, knowledgeable, and approachable. One of the best speakers FLASHA has ever had present!”                                                                                                                             -Lisa Garrett, MS, CCC-SLP, Vice President of Convention,                                          Florida Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Nancy is an Inspiration
“Nancy Telian is an engaging  and talented professional who has been an inspiration to me and others who have had the opportunity to work with her.  She has always been on the cutting edge, bringing her enormous expertise in oral language to bear on reading and writing well before others were focusing on these critical relationships. Her energetic style and creative ideas make her an outstanding speaker and I never fail to learn something important from her presentations.”
-Pamela E. Hook, Professor Emerita, MGH Institute of Health Professions
Across the Board Positive Feedback
“I have been in charge of Professional Development for our district for four years and involved at the district level for seven years and we have never received such universal and across the board positive feedback for any other offering.
Participants overwhelmingly felt that they could walk away with information that they could start using immediately.  The presentation itself was delightfully engaging and participant feedback indicated that they would highly recommend this workshop to others.”                   (following full Reading with TLC Training by Nancy Telian and Penny Castagnozzi)
-Eileen H. Petersen, M.S., CCC-SLP, District SLP Specialist for the South Area
Palm Beach County School District
No Program, Person or Approach Can Compete 
“Created by Nancy Telian, a speech and language pathologist, Lively Letters is a wonderful tool for clinicians and teachers to use to build phonemic awareness and phonics skills.  Practical, fun and engaging letter characters, with their own songs, sounds and stories provide young and struggling readers of any age a way to strengthen their foundational reading skills.  Lively Letters mimics the author- current, creditable, pertinent, genuine, warm, appealing, and funny.  Nancy’s open and bubbly personality comes through every presentation – she competes with no program, no person, and no approach. Nancy shows you how to use Lively Letters to support every reader to be the reader we all want. Lively Letters is always on the top of my list as a tool that everyone needs to know and use.”
-Cheryl Ward MSM, CALP, President,                                                                          Wisconsin Branch-International Dyslexia Association
Nancy Lifts the Bar for Literacy Programming
“Nancy has balanced several diverse areas of science to ‘lift the bar’ for literacy programming.  She has great skills as a speech-language pathologist.  Music and art talent were creatively added to the mix to develop a multisensory technique for teaching children to read!  She’s helped many kids read over the years.  This comes across clearly when one hears Telian teach professionals her approach.  If you have the opportunity, treat yourself to a tremendous experience that will improve your effectiveness in developing literacy in children.”
-Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Speech language pathologist, Tryon, NC